About Us

SSPC INDIA is part of HTS COATINGS (Harvish Technical Services), whom were approved training licensee India to cater SSPC PCI and PCS programs.


Attend the job oriented SSPC PCI training with HTS COATINGS. Upon successful completion of Coating / Painting Inspector training and certification program, student can work as follows:- Coating or Painting Inspector Anticorrosion Supervisor Corrosion Control Engineer Superintendent Manager QC / QA Inspector Protective Coating Specialist Painting Failure Analysis Expert. SSPC / COATING / PAINTING / ANTI-CORROSION INSPECTOR TRAINING


SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings was founded in 1950 as the Steel Structures Painting Council, a non-profit society concerned with the use of coatings to protect industrial steel structures. In 1997, the name of the association was changed to SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings to better reflect the changing nature of coatings technology and the ever-expanding types of construction materials. SSPC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on the protection and preservation of concrete, steel, and other industrial and marine structures and surfaces through the use of high-performance, protective, marine and industrial coatings. SSPC is the leading source of information on surface preparation, coating selection, coating application, environmental regulations, and health and safety issues that affect the protective coatings industry.


To inspire learning, advance knowledge, and elevate performance in the industry through training, certification, and education of the workforce, communication of advances in technology, and promotion of the use of protective coatings.

Our story

Founder of HTS since 2015 and having 3 decades of Protective Coating Exposure in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Heavy Industries around the globe. He is possessing SSPC / NACE / FROSIO / ICorr / Bgas / AGA international certifications

The HTS Coatings / SSPC / FROSIO scheme is a new comprehensive, structured training scheme for the training, certification, and registration of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives. HTS delivers SSPC / FROSIO / Corrosion Control /Anti-Corrosion Training Programs in India and Middle East that is equivalent to nace Cip / ICorr / Bgas / nace.

HTS COATINGS accredited with ISO 9001:2015 with TUV India and conducting various Coating / Painting Inspector’s, Specialist International certification courses from SSPC & FROSIO.

The HTS COATINGS scheme has a Basic module of “Abrasive Blasting and Airless Training” that comprises six components.